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Kamen Rider Black: Terrifying! The Phantom House Of Devil Pass Full Movie In Hindi 720p > DOWNLOAD

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Golgom and Shadowmoon took over the town of Yubure. A scientist, who has some codes to put a mecha online to destroy Black, escaped. Minami Kotaro (Kamen Rider Black) was shopping with his family, and saw the man get out of a truck, looking scared. Kotaro follows the man, and ends up saving him. The man tells Kotaro about Yubure, and Kotaro rides to the town to find it all deserted, or is it? Kotaro meets up with a group of people, they tell him of the problem, and he goes straight to the City Hall to fight the Golgom Priests and Shadowmoon. First, Black has to play chicken with a couple of Army trucks, and he's on his bike. Then he fights some monster, during the fight, Shadowmoon appears. Sends Black to another place and fights some reborn monsters from the TV show. Black gets back to the front of city hall. And fights Shadowmoon. Meanwhile, the scientist, who had no choice but to go back to Yubure because his family is being held captive, gets the mecha online. After a long battle, Shadowmoon flies up on the roof, vowing he'll return.

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